Classical vocal trio Tenors Unlimited spoke to What’sOn ahead of a performance in County Durham

Tenors Unlimited, dubbed the Rat Pack of Opera are Scott Ciscon, Jem Sharples and Paul Martin. They perform their new show That’s Amoré on Saturday at Consett Empire as part of nation-wide tour.

Tell us about your new show That’s Amoré?

It’s an uplifting show featuring songs of love and laughter. We take audiences on a journey through some of the best loved songs of the last century, made famous by other ‘icons of song’ such as Pavarotti, Lanza, Sting, Bublé and Freddie Mercury.

What songs will you be singing?

The usual surprises you’d expect from the Rat Pack of Opera ranging from pop, crooner and classical hits! Side winders and surprises will keep the audience guessing. Every song is delivered with Tenors Unlimited’s brilliant signature sound.

The Pearl Fisher’s Duet is an opera favourite and with the upcoming documentary on Luciano Pavarotti, Nessun Dorma is a must with audiences so we always include it in our shows. Other songs include Barcelona, Recipe For Love, Mr Blue Sky, Always on My Mind (Elvis Presley), All I Ask of You (Andrew Lloyd Webber), Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel), From Now On (The Greatest Showman) and Tonight (West Side Story).

You’re been performing together for over 15 years. What is the secret to your longevity?

Cups of tea and a belief that we have a message that needs hearing in our songs.

How did you all meet?

Scott and Jem met working in London, got on really well and decided to set up a group that would allow us the freedom to do what we wanted to do and write the songs we were passionate about. Paul shared that vision and joined us a couple of years later.

What were the first songs you performed together?

Nessun Dorma was always there but we learnt Come What May from Moulin Rouge for a friend’s wedding and it felt as if we were creating a new sound.

What are you most proud of?

As a group, our chart-topping success with Who is He? our first ever charity Christmas single in aid of The Salvation Army is hard to beat. This went in at number one on the iTunes classical chart.

What have been the highlights for the group?

All our shows are special but memorable highlights are singing Abide with Me at the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, singing at Sir Bobby Robson’s memorial service at Durham Cathedral and performing at the Salvation Army’s Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall which included “Who is He?” our number one selling song.

What’s on your bucket list?

Grammy and Ivor Novello Awards, continued success and to keep enjoying singing.

What are your plans for the next few years? To remain healthy and happy and to create great work that people want to see and hear.

You’ve sung alongside so many celebrities such as Sting, Lionel Richie, Beyoncé and Simply Red. Who was your favourite and why?

It’s hard to say as they were all so different to be around with different levels of entourage, etc. It was, however, a very surreal moment when you find yourself sharing a glass of wine with Sting (and Trudy) after that particular show. Like you do…

How many songs have you written yourselves?

We are writing a ton of songs at the moment – some that are right for the group, some that are outside the box. We all enjoy the process and bring our ideas to the table – sometimes very embryonic and sometimes the finished article.

It’s always great to know that people enjoy your original works alongside some of the best and well known tunes in the world.

How do you find inspiration?

We all work in different ways but often it stems from a thought or a melody that was rattling around in your head and next thing you know, it develops into something bigger and bigger.

You travel round the world. What’s your favourite country and why?

We always feel really welcome when we go to the USA – not to say we’re not welcome elsewhere, of course. That said, there’s something (obviously) magical about singing in a villa on say, Lake Maggiore in Italy. If we had to give one answer, Italy might be our favourite at the moment – great food, great wine, fantastic coffee.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

We all have a great passion for cooking (and eating.) To be honest, there’s not much we won’t eat (or try) and while at home it’s always easy to fire up the BBQ, throw on a few steaks and relax. Although American, Scott has developed a keen interest in cricket and often opens the bowling for his Sunday side. Paul has recently started playing for his local club… In fact, we often travel with a cricket bat and ball.