MILD-MANNERED, equable, unassuming and meek are words I would never use to describe the ‘self confessed’ wrestling smark’s performance as he unquestionably draws a full house to see him feud it out in the ring.

Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding to welcome part two of Miles Kane’s extensive 2018 tour, and with this date coming after the release of his critically-acclaimed third album Coup de Grace, the show was hugely anticipated at the O2.

Opening with the ultimate curtain jerker Inhaler, this showdown got off to the greatest possible start for Kane. He looked and sounded in fine form as he effortlessly piledrives through Killing The Joke, Shavambacu, Cry On My Guitar before clotheslining us all with a moonsaulting cover of Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff. It rarely gets much better than this – with Kane having such a distinctive raw talent, along with his exceptional band and we have a perfect combination that is causing delightful mayhem in the academy with their idiosyncratic sound. And surely we are duly due a respite before one last round, a rare moment to catch our breaths from what could be Kane’s best gig to date, “Newcastle I’m speechless. I love you”, without a submission we get a perfect encore with his signature move, the dropkicking Come Closer – delivering ‘the final blow’, or as the say in France, Coup de Grace.

Ricky Atterby