TOO many superlatives can sum up what Monday night’s stunning performance at Sage Gateshead from Woman to Woman afforded an enthralled audience.

Beverley Craven. Judie Tzuke and Julia Fordham, accompanied by Stephen Threlfall & The Chetham Studio Strings Orchestra promised a special evening, and they delivered in their own unique, shimmering, glamorous, awe-inspiring style.

From the outset of the evening it was obvious the audience were in for a treat and so it proved, the show beginning with a lovely potted history, video montage of each artist playing on the projector screen behind the orchestra.

It set a fabulous tone that never faltered, each artist taking their turn with some of their greatest hits whilst also infusing the more recent, individually and Woman to Woman offerings fantastically accompanied by said Orchestra as well as keys, saxophone, bass/guitar and drums/percussion musicians.

Even the anecdotes and stories surrounding some of their hits brought laughter and gasps and tears of joy; you have to witness yourself to believe the emotions the performance brings.

The tour was the first time the three had performed together but the camaraderie was magnificent, like siblings with classics such as Loves Scenes, Porcelain and Castle in the Clouds early stand-outs; a late performance of their festive offering, A Photo Every Christmas brought smiles, although that could be more because of Beverley’s dog than anything before closing renditions brought individual ovations.

Judie began the four track encore with Stay With Me Till Dawn, Beverley belted out a stunning rendition of Promise Me, and Julia wowed with Where Does The Time Go, the audience remaining on their feet for the stunning Woman to Woman debut, Safe.

A priority for any music lover would be to attend a Woman to Woman showcase, or purchase a copy of their brand new album.

Peter Mann