FOR an artist who has only released two full length studio albums, 2010’s ‘Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor’ and 2013’s ‘The Shocking Miss Emerald’, Dutch pop/jazz singer Caro Emerald has still gathered a loyal following thanks to her outstanding live shows. Her fans were out in force at the Sage anxious to envelop themselves in the jazzy, Latin grooves she and her band deliver.

This year’s tour theme again transports you to another era. In reality, we may be on the banks of the Tyne, but inside Hall One the swinging music and retro feel of the stage design means you could be forgiven for thinking you were partying in the cellar of a Havana jazz club many decades ago.

From opening track ‘Riviera Life’ singer and band were in total harmony, the musicians moving between instruments effortlessly and feeding off each other’s energy.

Audience favourites like ‘Back It Up’, ‘That Man’, ‘Tangled Up’ and ‘Liquid Lunch’ went down a storm eliciting wild applause. ‘Close To Me’, with Emerald accompanied by guitarist Wieger Hoogendorp, was a particular delight.

There were several new songs too including ‘Mambo Shuffle’, ‘Night in Brasilia’, ‘What Man’ and ‘Wake Up Romeo’ indicating that a third album may be tantalising close.

As always, Caro Emerald and her band brought a welcome taste of sunshine and glamour, finishing their set strongly with the audience on their feet and dancing to three songs from her debut release – ‘The Other Woman’, ‘Stuck’ and ‘A Night Like This’.

Dave Lawrence