WHO would have thought the key to Charlie's old cab would generate such excitement for Stacey and company (EastEnders, BBC One)?

While Hayley is determined to get the vehicle going again, Keanu tells her it could be worth around £10,000. Stealing the tools to do the job is not the best idea, especially when it seems to ruin her relationship with Keanu. However, Jean becomes nostalgic for the old motor and decides not to sell.

Elsewhere, Max and Rainie's custody battle for baby Abi rests on getting character references from friends, so after Masood refuses to help out, and Max has the cheek to ask Carmel, Rainie suggests Stacey could be the ideal person. Eventually Max offers Karen £200 to be his reference, as long as she brings someone with her.

At the Vic, Patrick realises Ted never received the money intended for the funeral, and suspects the Taylors did instead. Bernie soon realises it was Mitch who stole the cash.

In Coronation Street (ITV), given the scale of their deceit, and Aidan's heart-breaking demise, it was only a matter of time before Eva and Toyah faced the consequences of their lies - and this is the week it happens. When a horrified Ms Price discovers Johnny has started custody proceedings, she turns to Adam for help.

Meanwhile, Alya thinks she may have bitten off more than she can chew at Underworld, so Sarah decides to offer her services as personal assistant. Alya jumps at the chance, but when the staff point out the job should be advertised so they could apply, Alya hatches a plan and spends the afternoon treating her like a slave.

Craig informs Bethany of his crush on Kayla, and eventually goes on a date with her. And it was inevitable that Beth would realise Sharon was the mysterious Mrs B, rather than the elderly lady Kirk made out. Yes, the dopiest bloke in Weatherfield is really in the dog house this time.

When the police take Daz away again for questioning (Emmerdale, ITV) Dan and Kerry's suspicions about him are raised. During the interrogation, the authorities bring up evidence that links the abduction to him.

As soon as Daz returns from his police interview, Dan and Kerry pounce, and accuse him of abducting Amelia.

Meanwhile, it looks like Belle could give and of the Dragons a run for their money when she points out Whingles' potential to an investor. Freddy agrees to plough cash into the business and invites her to join his head office in London for 12 months. It's obvious that Belle is tempted, and suggests to him that she and Lachlan both become trainees in his company. When Freddy rejects the idea, Lachlan tells him she's not going to London after all. Cue more dramatic fireworks than a November 5 celebration when Belle angrily assures him that she is.

Elsewhere, there's a danger of Brenda and Doug's secret being accidentally aired during a surprise party, and Paddy struggles with Chas's decision regarding the baby.