Our Girl (BBC1, 9pm)

The new series of military drama Our Girl began last week, but it seems that star Michelle Keegan is still getting over the events of the previous run.

That's when her on-screen fiancee Elvis Harte (Luke Pasquilano) was killed in an explosion, leaving her character Georgie Lane heartbroken.

Keegan says that Georgie will continue to grieve for him throughout the series: "She's had six months out for compassionate leave and is now throwing herself into work. She's definitely not over Elvis at all and you'll see throughout the episodes that his death has really affected her."

It's also been a tough time for the actress. She says: "It was really, really strange. Luke and I started on the series at the same time together and it was so odd when he left. It was like a hole and I definitely missed him.

"We literally started the next episode the day after Elvis died. Luke left on a Thursday and on a Friday we started to film episode five. It took a long time for me to adjust as all our storylines were always based around Georgie and Elvis and the 'will they, won't they' situation."

At least the actress, who first found fame as feisty Tina on Coronation Street, can take some comfort in the fact that she wasn't the only one affected by the storyline - Our Girl fans were also devastated by Elvis's death.

She says: "I was in Malaysia at the time and it was 6am when it aired in the UK. I looked at my phone and it had gone crazy.

"What was great was that it hadn't been released that Elvis was going to get killed so it was obviously a massive shock for the audience who follow the story. I just remember that all the women's hearts on Twitter were broken that night."

However, in this second episode, Georgie may not get too much time to dwell on Elvis, as she meets undercover Special Forces operative, Bones (Oliver Rix) - and he doesn't make the best first impression.

Keegan explains: "They get off to a rocky start as Georgie sees him in Nigeria where he throws a child out of his way. But obviously goodie two shoes Georgie won't stand for that and ends up confronting him."

She adds: "You soon see that he is the Head of Special Forces and has taken over Elvis' role but he is totally different. He's very angry all the time, very old school and isn't emotionally led, he also hasn't got a friendship with Captain James. However, you see him and 2 Section build a relationship which is really exciting."

And there's even more drama, as 2-Section try to trade the detained son of a rebel leader for an imprisoned Nigerian military medic, unaware their captors are setting a trap. It leads to a tense stand-off, but will everyone make if out alive this time, or is Keegan going to have to deal with more early morning messages from fans?

The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies (C5, 8pm)

The QI comedian and actor returns with a new run of the show following the journey of dogs rescued from heart-breaking situations. When a man is caught beating one of his dogs on CCTV, inspector Anthony is quick to act. The animal is soon in safe hands, but it looks like it's going to be a long time before there's a happy ending. In Greenwich, a homeless man's Labrador Josie is suffering from a nasty wound and needs immediate treatment. Thankfully, it looks as though help has arrived just in time. Plus, six poorly puppies found at a roadside are given a second chance at life thanks to a dedicated network of volunteer fosterers. Finally, Alan's co-host Angellica Bell meets Rolo, a spaniel-poodle cross rescued from a puppy farm who has gone on to transform the lives of others through his work as a therapy dog.

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live (ITV, 8pm)

According to a survey a few years ago, Martin Lewis was the most Googled British man. And the financial journalist's popularity and usefulness shows no signs of waning just yet as he returns for a live summer special from Warwick Castle. The programme features money-saving tips aiming to help consumers cope with the season's current economic climate. Plus, as this is a summer special, there is bound to be tips for viewers hoping to get the most out of their Euros, Dollars and Zloty, as well as a clarification of data roaming charges, and suggestions if your flight gets delayed. As usual, Martin is keen for everyone to join in, so whether you have a query on travel insurance, car hire or currency, have your questions at the ready.

Ackley Bridge (C4, 8pm)

It's the day of baby Jamie's christening, and ashamed of Cory's lack of interest, Jordan promises to pay for half. However, when the Murgatroyds splash out, Jordan can't deliver his side of the cash, so he and Cory join forces to get some money together. Alas, a volatile Kevin brings an end to their antics. Meanwhile, Missy finds herself at the mercy of a loan shark, and skives to repay the debt by working at a burger van. Elsewhere, Mandy gets jealous over Steve when his ex Claire turns up at the school, but is it too late for their relationship?