IT'S High Noon in Walford (EastEnders, BBC1) as Mick tries to round up a posse to help him deal with Aidan. During the week, he appeals to Jack, Phil and Vincent, but Billy realises he would be better off talking to Mel, who passes on the number of someone who can get rid of Aidan permanently.

Mick is unsure if he can make the call (although Linda is seriously considering it) but given that Aidan has poured petrol around the Vic to show he means business, the pub landlord realises he needs to take desperate action.

After ringing the number, the Carters decide to leave Walford - but as Linda and Shirley catch the next stagecoach out of Albert Square, Mick lies that he's forgotten his wallet and returns to the pub to face Aidan. Well, sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

Elsewhere, Phil starts to piece together the clues about the missing money, Honey feels jealous when she spots Billy with Mel, and Masood fears he's forgotten Mariam's birthday.

In Coronation Street (ITV) it's the day of the 'get to know Pat better' party, but Phelan is nowhere to be seen. Instead, he's up to his neck in trouble - literally.

He's at the Mill, checking on the progress of the draining of the lake. He's horrified to see that the bodies he's dumped there are emerging from the water, so hurriedly pulls them out and drops them into the foundations before switching on the concrete-spreading machine.

Then, when his phone drops into the mix, he tries to rescue it, the scaffolding falls on top of him and he's submerged. Eileen and Tim arrive on the scene - but are they too late to rescue the villain? Let's hope so...

Elsewhere, Sophie is devastated when Kate chooses Rana, while Tyrone feels a pang of jealousy on seeing Gemma share a joke with Chesney.

Eva launches a mission to bring Billy back home, but finding him proves difficult, and David reacts badly to the news that Martin is emigrating to New Zealand with his pregnant girlfriend.

While Jai anxiously awaits news on Eliza's condition (Emmerdale, ITV), Rishi performs his own diagnosis and asks Priya if she could have caused her niece's injuries during her moment of madness last week. He isn't the only one feeling suspicious as a social worker later reveals that Eliza's bruises weren't caused by the seizures and the whole family will need to be interviewed...

Elsewhere, Laurel is initially relieved when Brenda announces she's set a date for a wedding, assuming that means her fling with Bob is still a secret. But when the bride-to-be then asks an increasingly jealous Laurel for advice on choosing a wedding dress, is she really in the dark or does she know exactly what she's doing?

Pete advises Ross to see a counsellor but his brother has his own way of dealing with his emotions - and it involves swearing vengeance on his attacker, getting drunk and lashing out at Debbie.

Tracy realises David is embarrassed by her past, a confused Rebecca lets herself into Home Farm again, and Cain is running out of patience with Faith (and he didn't have much to start with).

The adults in Prince and Lily's lives have a lot of objections to the teenagers' wedding - and as the big day arrives this week, they're not going to hold their peace (Hollyoaks, Channel 4).

Shane even resorts to kidnapping his son before the ceremony, and although Diane is shocked, she decides it's probably for the best if the groom stays trapped. Will Prince escape to make it down the aisle?

But maybe Goldie and Shane should be worrying about Hunter instead as he starts to wonder if Yasmine knows so much about his relationship with Neeta because she has the teacher's heart...

Meanwhile, Sienna also resorts to abducting her own child after seeing Joel enjoying a cosy day out with Cleo and Sebastian.

Finn is increasingly convinced that there's something dodgy about Milo - and it's not just because Milo framed him for stealing Tom's money.

Adam isn't impressed when Glenn offers Maxine the money to send Minnie to private school, Holly's plan to surprise Damon with a thoughtful gesture backfires, and Sally and Myra prepare to tell Nana about their relationship.