IN his heyday, Ken Barlow (Coronation Street, ITV) was a bit of a ladies' man. He might not have been the most exciting guy in town, but his intelligence and good manners were like catnip to Weatherfield's women.

It seems that his youngest son Daniel is a chip off the old block. After believing his attempts to win back Sinead have come to nothing, he falls for Carla's cougar charms - just as Sinead turns up having decided to give him a second chance after all.

She's not the only one despondent about the unlikely duo's relationship - Peter is left seething with jealousy over his half-brother's success with his ex.

Carla is clearly using Daniel as a distraction from her health worries; she discovers she needs a transplant and Roy persuades her to ask her family to find out if they are a potential match.

Meanwhile, Toyah asks Eva not to go through with the abortion, Rana dumps a heartbroken Zeedan, Tim makes a big decision and Luke's funeral takes place.

The cash from the 'job' still hasn't turned up, but Aidan isn't the sort of bloke to just cut his losses and walk away (EastEnders, BBC1). So, he decides to get answers from the gang, starting with Mick.

However, he's also having doubts about Phil's loyalties after finding him with Mel. And when Vincent is spotted talking to an old police friend, Phil seizes the opportunity to shift Aidan's suspicions and stop him asking any awkward questions about Ben...

Aidan isn't the only one who thinks Vincent is up to something as Kim decides there's only one explanation for her husband's shifty behaviour - he's having an affair. But Kim is also cooking up a shady scheme of her own as she tries to collect a DNA sample from Denise to find out if they really are sisters. At this rate, Denise would probably be relieved to find out they're not related.

Elsewhere, Mel is caught conducting her own search for the missing money, Masood thinks Mariam's samosas could hold the recipe for success and it's a tough day at work for Jay when Abi's coffin plaque arrives.

In Emmerdale (ITV), it's not often that we get a chance to compare Cain Dingle to Cary Grant, but this week he finds himself starring in his own version of the romantic weepie An Affair to Remember.

It all starts when Faith makes plans to turn Holly's room into a nursery for Isaac and tells Cain he belongs at the farm too. However, Moira refuses to play along with this game of happy families and announces she's leaving the village, prompting Cain to ask her to meet him at the bridge at 5pm if she still loves him. It's not quite as romantic as the top of the Empire State Building, but will Moira turn up anyway?

Elsewhere, Rhona decides it's time she got over Paddy, but it seems her ex is the one who might be having trouble moving on when he realises she's spent the night with Pete.

Brenda meets up with Fiona, who she wrongly believes is Bob's other woman, and after spotting a message from Leyla on David's phone, Tracy asks handyman Phil for a drink - but is she flirting with danger?

Although Terese (Neighbours, Channel 5) finds a way to get Tim to remove Piper's doctored vlog from the West Waratah Star website, Tyler is concerned that the damage may be done.

Meanwhile, Aaron's attempt to sort his love life are scuppered by Rory, who ruins his chance to win back David. But he obviously has an ulterior motive as a subsequent kiss leaves Aaron shaken. And while he tries to figure out what just happened, Mick, an obsessed fan from Aaron's stripping days, rocks up.

Elsewhere, Amy is far from happy that Paul railroaded her into project managing the Robinson Heights development, and ensures the scheming businessman is punished. Hopefully this time he'll learn his lesson.

The long-suffering Sonya is dealt another blow when she gets some bad news from the States about her sister Zoe. But the thought of leaving Nell just as she is starting school proves too much of a wrench for the delightfully dippy mum.