DON’T Bey Ri-Ri-diculous, how can you possible compare booty queen Beyoncé with the seductive R&B princess Rihanna? That is the dilemma thousands of fans are facing as the two go head-to-head in a high-heels-at dawn-battle of the beauts with a visit to Sunderland this summer.

Beyoncé may hold the crown for her famous live performances and ground-breaking vocals, having achieved four consecutive number one albums to Rihanna’s 1 (Unapologetic), and 17 coveted Grammys, Rihanna has in fact sold 200 million records (twice as much as Bey) during her first eight years in the music business, making her one of the best-selling artists of all time at the age of 25. Of course Beyoncé’s head-start in the booty battle has now given her the ability to command respect worthy of a legend, her Mrs Carter world tour selling out within seconds speaks for itself. The Bey’s knees artist is now managing herself and confidently writing her own music.

In the hits stakes, let’s not forget that Rihanna has broken the R&B mould somewhat, singing different genres across her seven albums to date, including pop, rock, electronica and dubstep. Following career-launching hits such as Unfaithful she moved on to launch club floor-fillers Don’t Stop the Music and Only Girl In The World without looking back, not to mention her vast and varied collaborations such Eminem, Chris Brown and Coldplay. Drake owes his only number one success to the brolly-toting beauty.

On the flip side however, Beyoncé has stayed closer to home with classic R&B, but has smashed it. She has an impressive back-catalogue safely tucked under her belt, with unforgettable hits like Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), Halo and Crazy In Love, a legacy which will continue to grace the Saturday night karaoke joints for years to come. Her first solo hit Dangerously In Love as well as the mighty Survivor with Destiny’s Child, both reached the top spot and sealed her future domination in the world of R&B.

Whilst Beyoncé’s music tends to be on-pulse and more geared towards the already-converted, Ri-Ri is more of a pioneer, ahead of her time, often with the Madonna-style controversy which makes people sit up and take notice, the hard-hitting Man Down video being a prime example.

When it comes to stage style, both are goddesses in their own right. While Beyoncé has been voted The World’s Most Beautiful Woman, not to be out-done, Rihanna has been declared The World’s Sexiest Woman, so make of that what you will. Both have unarguably enviable bodies. With Bey’s famous booty and Rih’s perfectly petite frame they can set a stage alight. Rihanna’s choice of gig get-up is either a provocative bondage-inspired basque and fishnets or a tantalising thigh-skimming skater dress, not a lot of material required in total. Beyoncé in comparison, would opt for a spangly mini-dress or a sequined bodysuit – anything which showcases the famous derrière, which fans have come to expect.

The stunners are equally as well-known for their sexy dance-moves as for their musical abilities. Beyoncé leads the world with commercial dance and street jazz. She is well recognised by her swirling hair and her long-legged strut, going for classy rather than trashy. Rihanna on the other hand favours the erotic, slow and raunchy side of things, often bordering on the scandalous for which she makes no apologies, and she loves nothing more than to get up-close and personal with her fans during live performances by stepping forward from the stage, which should earn her a few brownie points.

Then there is the fitness factor. Beyoncé publically took on Michelle Obama’s Gimmie Five challenge whereby celebs and plebs alike were invited to share dieting tips via social media, and unashamedly admits to having her own vegan meals delivered to her door – okay so it beats the Asda run. That said however, Rihanna clearly didn’t achieve that model-esque body without making more than a few dietary sacrifices and gruelling work-outs.

Both ladies have extended their talents to other areas, with both having dabbled in the acting field. Whereas Beyoncé has undoubtedly achieved more overall success in this from her roles in Dreamgirls, The Great Gatsby and Goldmember, some might argue that Rihanna’s film debut Battleship, in 2012, was only the start and we should watch this space.

The rivalry doesn’t stop there, as both have boosted the beauty products industry by putting their flawless faces at the forefront. Rihanna has successfully perfected the lipstick and made her mark on several MAC collections, leaving Beyoncé to conquer the world-famous L’Oréal Paris.

Relationship status can do a lot for a girl in the public eye. For all she in a high-profile celebrity marriage to the cool Jay-Z, Bey is portrayed as a sensible, contented wife and mother, while Rihanna is happy to fly the flag for the single girl, despite having been associated with the likes of Drake, Matt Kemp and Leonardo DiCaprio.

So as two of R&B’s most famous women square up to become the North-East’s most talked-out performance, summing up the evidence, which of them do you see as your role model? If the jury is still out on this one, maybe we've offered a few pointers to get the debate started – here goes, let the clash of the corsets begin, and may the best girl win!

n Rihanna – Stadium of Light, Sunderland, June 18

n Beyonce – Stadium of Light, Sunderland, June 28

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