Festival with a Twisterella

THE Twisterella Festival will be returning to Middlesbrough in October following the event’s successful launch last year.

The event received good reviews overall, with E-Festivals saying: “You could forgive an event in it's first year to maybe be a little sloppy. You can't say that about Twisterella. Well-meaning, you'd think. Good effort, you'd say. You can't say that about Twisterella. It was far, far better than that. Polished, seamless and full of quality for a meagre entrance fee of £15.”

Last year, many acts performed, including up and coming North-East band, Cattle and Cane, who are soon set to launch a UK tour, following the release of their new album.

Acts for this year include Avalanche Party, Billy the Kid, Dressed Like Wolves, Hyde and Beast, Model Aeroplanes, Plastic Mermaids, Washington Irving, and the promise of many more. Twisterella will see the return of the renowned Fatherson, who appeared at T in the Park last year.

The festival will be taking place on Saturday, October 10, with details of all the locations involved due to be released soon.

Details can be found on the website Twisterella.co.uk, or on the Twisterella Festival 2015 Facebook events page – which displays the complete line-up of all the acts performing and posts updates as they come.

* Tickets can be purchased from the Olde Young Tea House in Middlesbrough, or online at seetickets.com/go/twisterella2015. Tickets still cost £15.

Ashley Fieldsmith