(Souvenir Press, £20, ebook £11.52)

IT is a classic self-tuition course that promises to bring out the artist in of all of us – and now, Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain has been revamped for a new generation of would-be Picassos.

In this fourth edition of the best-selling book, Betty Edwards has used the latest research looking at the workings of the right side of the brain – the intuitive, creative part – to offer step-by-step instructions on how to become proficient with a pencil.

Edwards proves to be a clear, concise teacher, with many of her insights providing real ‘‘ah-ha!’’ moments.

This new version includes updates on the plasticity of the brain and how scientists now believe that enhancing creativity can have a knockon effect on many other areas of life. The course requires not only some basic equipment but also a degree of dedication. For those wanting a crash course in art, with an added dose of science, it is well worth the effort.

Lauren Turner