Business is not always about boardrooms, briefings and black coffee. In tribute to those who take a more unusual approach to enterprise, Deputy Business Editor Steven Hugill examines the unconventional and downright difficult careers in the North-East

Spencer Gilroy runs SG Percussion, in Darlington, making unique Peruvian Cajon drums, which provide the player with bass drum, snare and tom sounds in one instrument.

HOW did you start making drums? I've been a gigging drummer since 1985 and have always affected my own repairs, picking up information on how drums work along the way.

I was an area sales manager for almost 10 years until March 2011, when the company decided to downsize.

That left me with the choice of rebuilding a sales career or doing something different.

WHAT made you choose Cajon drums? Having a Cajon box drum and gigging with it already, when it became damaged, I repaired it.

It was then I realised I could make a better quality product and saw a gap in the market for a bespoke drum.

HOW do you make a drum? The manufacturing process is done entirely by hand, using water-based finishes or fabric, and sustainably sourced timber whenever possible.

I get the product to market through various channels such as online, market trading, music festivals and a music shop.

I also demonstrate the drums when I play gigs with the acoustic band, Midway Arcadia.

My ethos is to make high quality, great sounding drums at sensible prices.

HAVE your products been used by any famous artists? The success of the drums was proven when I secured an endorsement deal with Jack Carrack.

He is the son of Paul Carrack, who uses my cajon and bongo with The Paul Carrack Band and cajon with Tinlin, who subsequently used the drums on the Paul Carrack Good Feeling tour.

He is about to do so again later this year, on the Golden Voice tour.