A pioneering £150m plant that will take non-recyclable waste from households and industry and turn it into a clean fuel is coming to Teesside, and it is bringing 250 jobs with it.

This is fantastic news. It is fantastic news for those who need to use gas from a cylinder. It is fantastic news for those who are going to be employed creating it. It is fantastic news that the region is at the forefront of this new technology. It is fantastic news for a country that has to become more self-sustaining for its fuel.

And it is double fantastic news for the environment which is going to be spared more landfill from the waste and the tons of carbon that conventional gas would have emitted.

This ticks so many boxes. It is hard to see any downsides.


But it is also sad news. If this technology is available, and it works and it is fairly cost-efficient, why is it just happening here on Teesside under the auspices of the mayor?

Why isn’t it happening in every corner of the kingdom under the watch of the Energy Minister or even the Prime Minister? If the Government was devoting as much energy to promoting this renewable dimethyl ether as it is to sabre rattling with the EU over the Irish protocol, or squabbling over who went to what party when or even reinvestigating whether a new coalmine should be opened in Cumbria, then we might be much closer to our reaching our emissions targets and solving the cost of living crisis.

Or are we missing something?