Quiet please, ladies and gentlemen. Frame one, Teesside to break.

I hope my bromance with our region is very clear. I’m transfixed by its potential and the standard of people and organisations who are drawn here to be a part of the story.

So every time there is a decent ‘watercooler moment’, I can’t help drawing analogies with the region. So with Boris and Partygate, it was all about leadership, and with Middlesbrough’s FA Cup win over Manchester United it was about teamwork and preparation.

So when Ronnie O’Sullivan beat Judd Trump to claim a record-equalling seventh World Snooker title at the Crucible in Sheffield on Monday, I was talking about natural talent, patience, longevity, star quality and controversy.

Talent: With the whole table set out in front of us, Teesside has the experience to play a long game, accepting the opportunities when they present themselves and having the skillset to escape from seemingly impossible business ‘snookers’.

Longevity: We’ve certainly done that before and we learn more each time, about the right angle to use and the power needed behind the shot to stay ahead in the longer games.

Controversy: We are masters of our game now, feared opponents at any table, but it wouldn’t be good viewing without a bit of controversy as well, so having found success later in our career maybe we are now getting too many headlines and should be keeping quiet and letting some young talent shine through. No thanks. I don’t think so.

Star quality: To remain worthy of the spotlight and keep the audiences as happy as the administrators, the gameplay has to be of such a high standard that it can continually entertain and be capable of shockingly good periods when complete dominance is shown and there is a feeling that nothing is beyond the key players.

With O’Sullivan, there is also a unique balance between him being such a natural talent and yet still regarded as so unpredictable that he could win or lose any game. Sometimes he cares too much, sometimes not at all.

That human nature is important for us too. There has to be emotion alongside the frame-by-frame decisions. We have to be Rocket Ronnie rather than Interesting Davis.