A HIGH-TECH company which supplies equipment that enabled billions to watch the Royal Wedding live is set to expand after increasing exports by 38 per cent.

County Durham based Canford Group, who manufacture and distribute audio visual equipment to broadcasters including Sky and the BBC, announced it had acquired the Kent-based broadcasting accessories brand Enclosure Systems.

The news comes after Canford announced it exported £6.2m of goods in 2011 compared to £4.2m in 2009.

The acquisition of the rack company, who were one of Canford's principal suppliers of 19in racks for the last ten years, means the company has taken on three new apprentices.

More jobs are expected to be created in the North-East as the company moves the production and warehousing operation to its Washington headquarters.

Core ranges will be retained and developed in a bid to maintain continuity with existing customers and markets, and Canford are also hoping to expand the brand.

Chas Luchford, Enclosure Systems' sales manager will join Canford in a bid to ensure continuity.

The County Durham company was founded in 1976 and has grown from being a one-man band selling microphones to the radio industry to a company employing more than 200 people and exporting broadcast equipment from cables to connectors to 120 countries.

It includes the equipment that enables high-definition signals to be transmitted from outside broadcast trucks to broadcast satellites, allowing billions of people around the world to watch events including the Royal Wedding, live World Cup matches and Olympic sporting events.

The firm, which has recently opened offices in Dubai and France, is now looking to expand its exports further by penetrating markets in the Far East and South America, particularly China, India and Brazil, and hopes its recent acquisition will assist this.

Iain Elliott, Canford's founder and director, said: "Having made several brand acquisitions over our 36 year history, including relocating an entire warehousing operation from London to Washington over a single weekend, we are well practiced at this type of activity.

"Continuity is key, and the product range and pricing is unchanged. Chas Luchford brings with him all the personal contacts and relationships, so apart from the heading on the invoice, nothing, not even part numbers, changes."

Leif Friestad, the company's chief executive, said: "We have identified there is significant potential for the Enclosure Systems brand around the globe.

"Our experience in frequently shipping to over 120 countries and our worldwide network of dealers and distributors makes me very confident for the future of Enclosure Systems."