A TECHNOLOGY company aims to transform the way customers engage and experience entertainment, sport, visitor attractions, hospitality and retail.

Fame Media Tech, based in County Durham, is developing a new mobile technology platform called n-gage.io – a highly customisable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform – and is looking for investors.

Entrepreneur Bryan Hoare, the company’s founder and CEO, said the technology can be used to make a family trip to an aquarium more fun and educational – even when they get home – and to encourage generations of football fans to share their passion and learn about a club’s heritage.

He said: "We seek to transform the things people love doing in life through mobile content experiences, and to create more loyal and engaged fans, customers and visitors for our clients.

“We aim to be part of the ‘audience of the future revolution’ where storytelling and innovation in digital media and mobile technology is coming together to change how we experience the world around us from entertainment to sports, visitor attractions, hospitality and retail.

“For example, as a family visiting an attraction such as an aquarium, what can technology and storytelling do to give you a more immersive, enjoyable, fun and educational experience?

“But more importantly, and particularly in light of the pandemic, how can we continue and extend your enjoyment of that experience away from the attraction itself – for education purposes for example or family entertainment.

“So many organisations have suffered recently through an inability to really connect and engage with their audiences, particularly when they can't see them.

“When working with football clubs, our aim is to build mobile experiences that help with those intergenerational conversations about football between grandparents, parents and children to deepen engagement and improve fan loyalty.

“As a football fan this means more opportunity to share stories and memories with friends and family and interact with the heritage of your club through technology that's never really been possible before.

“From having an SMS chat with a fish who talks back, to bringing your football hero statues to life through mobile augmented reality, we're excited about our plans ahead to help change the way in which we experience the things we enjoy."

Kate Dearlove, director of media and content and former international editorial sales manager at Getty Images, said: “Our content experiences can also provide focus to the preservation of community heritage, delivering engagement in such a way that people’s lives are enriched.

“We can do so much more with technology, bringing our heritage and culture to life for community benefit.”

The company provides content to global businesses such as Vodacom, Uber and MTN and Mr Hoare is involved in several visitor attraction projects in the UK including the Football Walk of Fame in Manchester, which is acting as a pilot experience in sport.

The firm hopes to secure seed funding via GrowthFunders.com, for details visit famemediatech.com