A DURHAM-based startup has launched an alcohol-free beer that draws on plants used for thousands of years by the Japanese.

Drinks entrepreneur Mark Wong and his team of plant scientists at Impossibrew.Co said he aimed to change the future of drinking with his new drink.

Frustrated with alcohol-free alternatives that do "nothing but mimic the taste and flavour of alcohol", Mark, 24, founded of Impossibrew Co and started experimenting with active botanical plants used by his ancestors in Asia.

The Northern Echo: The new ImpossibrewThe new Impossibrew

Mark said: "During my studies in alcohol, I’ve always wondered why drinks are either alcoholic or alcohol-free. It seems odd that there’s nothing in the middle.

“The quest for an alcohol alternative really began when I was advised to stop drinking by my doctor because of worrying blood test results.

"As I have immersed myself in the alcohol industry since I was 18, stopping drinking was not something easy to accept.”

He added: “Accidentally coming across a copy of The Kissa Yōjōki, published in 1211 AD, changed everything.

"I became obsessed with active botanical plants that have been used for thousands of years in my culture and self-experimented with as many as I could get my hands on.”

“With our team of plant scientists and experts across leading UK universities, we presented our findings to the industry but was met with scepticism.

"One brewer told us what we were looking for was impossible. It motivated us even more, and we have decided to name ourselves in tribute to it - brewing the impossible.”

“By looking back into our ancestral roots as I did, it is clear that we have forgotten how to relax using what nature has to offer. Our mission is to remind the world that health and pleasure need not be separate - and we can have both, without alcohol.”

Made with Impossibrew’s blend of active natural botanicals, including L-Theanine and others, Impossibrew Lager offers the choice of going alcohol-free without compromising the senses.

It is 25-calories, low-sugar, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, alcohol-free and "most importantly, hangover-free".

Impossibrew.Co has won several startup competitions, including twice scooping Durham University’s Ideas Challenge. They were also the recipient of the Santander-sponsored Idea Evolution Fund.

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the innovative was unveiled online.

With their first pre-release sold out within three days of their website going live, the company is looking to offer its commercial retail version later in the summer of 2021.

With more than 86 per cent of global drinkers looking to reduce their alcohol consumption and the majority of them being beer-drinkers, Impossibrew Co.is looking to fill that gap with a healthy functional alcohol alternative.

Their Pre-Release limited edition is now available for pre-order exclusively at impossibrew.co, a special hand-signed edition for early-adopters at £9.99.