A GROUP of concerned residents have mounted another protest outside the Nissan's Sunderland plant highlighting the economic damage they say a No Deal Brexit it will cause to the region.

The demonstrators, who complied with Covid-19 regulations when they gathered yesterday, said 24,000 jobs were at risk from the plant to the supply chain, including at firms such as Nifco and AV Dawson on Teesside.

Spokesperson Louise Brown said: "Now the Government have refused to extend the transition period, a No Deal Brexit is far more likely.

"As we highlighted at protests last month, the North-East stands to be the worst affected by a No Deal Brexit.

"Nissan have said the plant in Sunderland will not be sustainable in the event of a No Deal brexit. As well as the 7,000 jobs that would go at the actual plant there would also be the loss of thousands of jobs connected to it within the supply chain, such as on Teesside.