A SOFTWARE house specialising in augmented reality (AR) has partnered with a cake company, allowing businesses to not only personalise cakes for corporate events, but interact with them as well.

The tech firm, which has close ties to Teesside University, can make just about anything come to life, such as flyers, packaging and now food, by blending reality with digital elements.

Augmented reality is where visuals or other sensory elements are laid on top of a real-world environment, often through a mobile device, tablet or even smart glasses.

The innovative technology hit the mainstream consumer market in 2016 after the release of Pokemon Go, which saw nostalgic Millennials and youngsters roaming the streets to catch Pokemon.

The Pokemon themselves, Pokeballs and other features were displayed on users’ phone screens through an app.

In a business-to-business setting, marketing and sales teams have long been enjoying the technology as it allows ad-hoc, interactive demonstrations and distinctive presentations.

Traditionally, AR would only work through specific apps, but Newcastle-based Aircards specialises in app-less tech.

Instead, its AR is web-based, making it more user-friendly.

Print Cakes, based in Sunderland, bake cupcakes and decorate them with edible printed toppers, often personalised with a logo or other image.

These toppers will now be the key to an augmented experience embedded on the cupcake.

To access a personal video message or 3D animation, people can scan the top of the cake through the website. Image detection software will then recognise the topper and display the content.

Michael Watson, of Aircards, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with a fellow North-East business like Print Cakes and helping to provide a completely unique experience to corporate clients.

“Augmented Reality enables businesses to create a digital channel with their cupcakes.”

In comparison with its technology partners, Print Cakes touts its human element, being made and printed by “real people”.