TS3 Sports is the latest North-East company to reveal they are a Middlesbrough FC Business Partner. Being associated with the Boro is the perfect fit for TS3, who have created a brand centred around supplying local teams with sports kits and equipment.

As a Middlesbrough FC Business Partner, the company sees its branding broadcast to around 20,000 fans throughout every home match at The Riverside on screens around the stadium.

Gary Redman and Kevin McCabe took over the business in 2017 and supply local school uniforms and kits to local sports teams.

Mr Redman said: "We pride ourselves on not just being a place where you buy clothes, but we’re also a friend to our customers.

"We have people pop in to talk to us as they walk past because of the positive service we provide.

“Being involved with the community is important to us and being involved with the football community that is so important to the local area helps us showcase that.

"We supply Hummel, which is what the Boro wear, as well as a few other brands linked to other football clubs.

"We’ve sold quite a lot of our Hummel sportswear because of the Boro wearing it, fans enjoy feeling that link to the club.”

Showcasing the business’ association with Middlesbrough FC across social media, as well as in-store, the Business Club scheme has had a positive impact on the business according to Mr Redman, who said: “We’re Boro fans and it gives us a real sense of pride when we see the company’s branding around the stadium, it means a lot to the business to have that association.