PSYCHE fashion store owner Steve Cochrane said its shop in Middlesbrough’s Cleveland Centre continues to thrive after five years as a result of its ability to attract a range of diverse customers.

Despite challenging times for the high street, Psyche 2 is celebrating its fifth anniversary in the shopping centre. Along with a main department store on Linthorpe Road, Psyche also now has a base in Durham, as well as a growing online presence that accounts for about 50 per cent of total sales.

Mr Cochrane said: “Psyche 2 provides a totally different offering to our main store gives shoppers an entry price for a more casual, younger product. It gives us more of a presence in the town centre.

“It attracts a really diverse customer base, possibly a little older than we initially anticipated, from their early 20s to their mid-40s. It’s proved to be a great test bed for us to trial new products.”