A MUSIC man who has added a recording studio to his long list of professional musical services hopes to create a hub for local talent.

Wayne McAloon’s passion for music began as a child when, from the age of eight, he started playing guitar and in his teens learnt to play the drums.

“I was in a band at about 14 and gigging from at about 19 or 20. I’d walk from Escomb to Bishop Auckland, then get a bus to Spennymoor, carrying my guitar to rehearse at a friend’s house,” said the 39-year-old, of Bishop Auckland.

A number of bands followed including Ortonomy– with pals Elliott Smith, Ian Heddle and Jon Belton who all teach in the town– and symphonic metal outfit Winter in Eden.

He has given private guitar and drum lessons for 18 years and teaches at St John’s School and Sixth Form College in Bishop Auckland.

As well as helping to hone the talents of many up and coming performers, he has worked with well-known names such as Paul ‘Evo’ Evans of 80s metal band Warfare, the Jam’s original bass player Bruce Foxton and Eddie Clark of Motorhead..

He also looks after almost 900 string instruments for Durham Music Service and has worked as a live sound engineer at big events in the region.

In 2014, after fitting part time studies around work, he graduated with a music degree from Sunderland University.

Mr McAloon said: “I loved it, it gave me the piece of paper to say I can do what I’d been doing for 15 years but also opened up a higher level of thinking. It equipped me with new skills. I’d always done some recording and been around studios, particularly with my last band, and at uni I got really into it.”

He has now added to his Beatpoet Music Services by opening Wildwood Studios above Brotherton’s, in Bishop Auckland, and will launch a record label in the summer, to support writers and protect publishing rights.

Mr McAloon says there is a lively music scene in County Durham and growing demand for original music.

“Everyone has access to a global market now through digital platforms, you can get your stuff on Spotify or iTunes in 48 hours or open an Amazon shop.

“A good song is a good song, I can make it sound better. I’ve been around all parts of the industry and have picked up knowledge that I want to share.

“I’d have loved someone to have been able to tell me all the things I’ve learnt, through good and bad experiences and being around professionals, when I was younger.

“There are income streams I can advise people about,” he said.

“Most musicians just want to write, sing or play but there is so much more to it which I can offer advice on. There is absolutely enough talent out there to make this a music hub.”

For information email beatpoetmusic@hotmail.co.uk