FIVE minutes with Simon Bourne, founder of The Hand Dyed Shoe Company

Favourite North-East building and why?

Ushaw College I love, and all its history.

What was your first job and how much did you get paid?

Working night-shift for the Evening Chronicle loading newspapers onto vans.

What is the worst job you’ve had?

Agency job clearing up after vandalism in a tropical fish shop that had all its tanks smashed and been left for two/three days.

What would you cook for me if I came around for dinner?

Green leaf mustard madras curry, that was cooked for me at a house I stayed in when I reported on the Nehru Cup in India.

What would your superpower be?


Name four people, dead or alive, who would be at your perfect dinner party.

My grandad, Elvis, Lauren my wife and Richard Branson.

Most expensive thing you’ve bought – other than car or house – and how much?

A Mon Purse bespoke handbag for Lauren, which was £420.

Who is the best person to follow on Twitter and why?

I don’t use twitter but I like Steven Sims, a motivational coach on LinkedIn.

Favourite book?

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

When did you last cry and why?

Just before I moved into this new office due to all the anxiety about it all.

What is your greatest achievement?

My five year old daughter, Daisy.

What’s the best piece of advice in business you’ve ever been given?

Remember you don’t know what you don’t know.

Favourite animal and why?

Penguins, they make me laugh

Most famous person on your mobile phone?

Boxer Tony Bellew.

Last band you saw live?

Kings of Leon at the Stadium of Light.

Your perfect night in?

Selling loads of shoes.

In another life I would be...

Still be me.

Who would play you in a film of your life?


What irritates you?

Poor customer service.

What’s your secret talent?

I can turn my eyes inside out.