A DATA monitoring firm has secured an international deal to support a coffee company’s growth.

Vianet Group says the agreement, set for an initial three years, will see it work with the unnamed operator on thousands of vending machines across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Bosses added the contract will be delivered by its Smart Machines division, which allows purveyors of apparatus, such as vending machines, to stay up-to-date with the performance of equipment.

They added the operation will strengthen Vianet’s focus on the Internet of Things, which connects devices in everyday objects by allowing data to be sent and received.

Although reluctant to reveal its customer’s identity, Stewart Darling, chief executive of Stockton-based Vianet, said it was a significant milestone in his company’s progress.

He said: “They are a world-class business delivering high-end coffee and hot drinks.

“This contract is a strong endorsement of our capability, vision and strategy for the smart machines division.”

The deal comes just weeks after the business revealed a separate £4.25m deal for Vendman Systems, which is known for software used to oversee retailers’ stock control, pricing, data management and account analysis.

Vianet also has a long-term agreement with premium coffee firm Jacobs Douwe Egberts and is known for iDraught, which seeks to slash pub waste by providing landlords with precise alcohol readings.