PUMP distributor and manufacturer Tomlinson Hall has secured a major distribution agreement in Scandinavia for one of its products.

The Liquivac pump, which can handle combinations of liquids, gases and fine solids, will be distributed in Sweden, Norway and Denmark by Lyma Kemiteknik AB.

Liquivac, developed by Tomlinson Hall and manufactured at the company’s Billingham site, can perform a huge range of operations and are used by utilities companies, chemical processors, food and drink producers, environmental engineers, desalination plants and sea life centres. They have been employed by companies including BASF, ConocoPhilips, Bayer, Tata Steel and Veolia.

Founded in 1919, Tomlinson Hall is a global distributor of many leading pump brands and offers services including pump selection and supply, site visits, problem solving, servicing and repairs.