A SCHOOL says it hopes to change the North-East educational landscape by bringing business into the classroom.

Studio West aims to equip students between 14 and 19-years-old with work-based skills as part of the Government's Studio Schools programme.

The school, in Newcastle, will have businesses housed in its premises, and say students between 14 and 16-years-old will spend half a day in a work placement at a firm, with a further two days paid work.

Bosses say they will treat students as apprentice adults, and have structured timetables to match the working day, with work starting at 8am and finishing at 3.30pm.

The school will take 90 pupils, and expects to have 300 on its books by 2016.

Val Wigham, Studio West project manager, said: “Our vision is to revolutionise the way we teach young people and ensure they are properly prepared for work.

“Real-life projects are an extremely efficient way of learning and we want to create an environment which will nurture mature and confident individuals who leave us ready for the workplace.”