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The ills of excess sugar: How much 'free-sugar' should we be consuming?

WHILE we are very aware of the problems associated with the consumption of too much fat, particularly trans-saturated fats, we may be less aware of the issues surrounding eating foods containing excess sugar. Sugar Awareness week, running from January 20-26 aims to redress this balance and to provide greater understanding of the subject.

Contraception: Could this be a new horizon?

THE arrival of the oral contraceptive pill some 60 years ago heralded a new era in birth control and indeed women’s control over their own bodies. Today multiple options exist.

Alcohol Awareness Week: Price paid by children of problem drinkers

BY now most of us are aware of the negative effects of drinking too much alcohol. Indeed evidence shows an increased risk of certain cancers even in those consuming just one unit of alcohol per day. However, the misconception still abounds that drinking too much only affects the individual themselves.

Preventing pre-diabetes from becoming type two diabetes

TYPE two diabetes has been labelled as one of the greatest health problems of modern times. In the UK, there are currently over four million people living with the condition, and an estimated 500,000 who haven’t been diagnosed but are suffering the consequences of raised blood sugars.

Could you recognise the signs of skin cancer?

WITH May designated Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and Sun Awareness week falling between May 6 and 12, these two campaigns serve as a timely reminder of the importance of knowing your skin as well as understanding the potentially devastating effects of excess sun exposure, the single biggest, yet preventable cause of skin cancer.

Endometriosis: do not suffer in silence

ALTHOUGH endometriosis is the second commonest gynaecological condition in the UK, it takes an average time of seven-and-a-half years from the start of symptoms until a diagnosis is reached; a startling figure.

Deep vein thrombosis: Would you know the signs?

IN a world where long haul travel, be that by road, rail, air or sea is now the norm, we find ourselves sat still for longer and longer. While only one risk factor for getting a deep venous thrombosis (DVT), the condition is among the top concerns that holiday makers attend their GP to discuss before a proposed journey.