POLICE are reminding people not to ring their control room about Tour de France road closures.

North Yorkshire Police say their control room and police stations are receiving large numbers of calls relating to the Tour de France, particularly about road closures.

Police have put out a statement online and on social media reminding people that councils are responsible for road closures and to contact the relevant council’s highways department for information.

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They are asking people not to tie up control room staff with queries about road closures. The North Yorkshire force is providing an enhanced level of policing for crowds and communities throughout the county during the Tour de France.

The statement reads: “The police are not responsible for the road closures - the responsibility for planning and implementation of the traffic management plan rests with the Highways department of each local authority the event passes through.

“The county and district councils are also responsible for business continuity and ensuring residents are aware of the closures and impact of the event - not the police.”