I remember Butler’s team saying at the press conference that they were going to do the double. They said Liverpool would win the Premier League title and then Butler would beat me. They can’t do that now can they? They can’t do the double and they won’t even do any of it because he won’t beat me.

I’ve never known anyone talk so much in my life. I’ve heard what he’s been saying about me trying to avoid him and also about my party days. What’s that all about? Surely if it was going to catch up with me it would have by now. That did get under my skin a bit. They say I am going to get a shock, but it will be him getting the shock I promise you. I can’t wait to get in the ring with him and give him the shock of his life. All his talking is making me desperate to get in that ring and show him a thing or two.

I had my first sparring session yesterday and it was the first time I’ve been back in the ring since the Martin Ward fight. I was actually sparring with Ward’s brother, which was interesting, but everything has been sound so far and I’m feeling good.

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I’ll be stepping up my training over the next few weeks. I’ll be following the same programme as I have for the last two fights, because there’s really no need to change anything. I’m the world champion and I’ve got there through good preparation.

I have sparred with Butler before so I do already know plenty about him. He’s been telling everyone he beat me up when sparred, but he didn’t. He’s just a gobby lad who believes his own hype. It was two years ago and back then I felt I had too much strength for him and his punches weren’t doing anything. I’m not one for talking, I’m just happy to be in this position and fighting again for the world title.

I see the fact he’s only recently stepped up to this weight as a huge advantage and I’ll show him exactly how much harder it will be for him.

I see the Bookies have got him down as a big favourite to win the fight. They’ve got me down as the underdog and that’s absolutely fine with me. I don’t understand it, because they had me down as the underdog when I fought (Sergio) Perales and (Vusi) Malinga and I beat both of them. Same with Ward. That might bother some people, but it only spurs me on to prove people wrong and I can’t wait to do that. I just can’t wait to step in that ring on June 7 and on June 8 I promise it’ll be me everyone is talking about.