LAST Wednesday, for the first time ever, I watched Prime Minister’s Questions and I discovered that in no way does the United Kingdom have a weak Prime Minister.

Theresa May’s performance, and I am not politically minded, was brilliant.

She was on her feet for 30 minutes and easily saw off questions from the Labour Party.

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There was no mention of her performance in the Echo, yet if she had coughed a couple of times and went for a sip of water due to poor health she would have been in the headlines.

The Prime Minister is fighting hard for a good deal from our European ‘friends’ but she is even being betrayed by her own colleagues.

The negative Comment (Echo, Dec 9) states “the EU will feel that it holds the whip hand”. Is that not surprising in view of the negative statements in your article? Should you not have also included an article showing the benefits of leaving the EU? Perhaps you feel the population was wrong to vote the way they did.

It is essential the Prime Minister at this stage should receive everybody’s support for trying to carry out the wishes of the majority who voted to leave. It is called “democracy”.

Mike Taylor, Darlington