ISN’T it just typical of the Labour Party, you have an election, you win with a much reduced majority and as in 2013, you have a review.

In 2013, they reviewed council-run care homes, consulted the public, took no notice of them, and closed them.

Here we go again, in 2017, we are going to consult, probably take no notice of the public again, and look at closing schools.

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People are sick of paying increased Council Tax and receiving reduced services when Durham County Council are sitting on huge cash reserves of around £240 million. It’s so easy to take from both the young and the old as they can’t easily defend themselves, but if you were Durham County Cricket Club calling round with a ‘begging bowl’ for another £4 million, that would be ok.

Next time Labour call round and say, “will you vote Labour pet”, I’m sure good old Joe Public will tell them where to go!

County Councillor John Shuttleworth, Durham County Council