IN reply to D. Porthouse’s letter (HAS Nov 4). Over the centuries the people of the British Isles have acknowledged and corrected its past wrongs.

The people of the British Isles didn’t invent slavery, but started the fight to end it.

They created the democratic, legal and civil rights which are now regarded as basic human rights which made the British Isles a beacon of light to many.

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The people of the British Isles have nothing to be ashamed of.

By fighting for the rights and freedoms of others, providing countless aid means that any debts and reparations owed have been repaid many times.

Presently there are ex-servicemen and women who need help. But instead of giving needed help to those to whom we all owe a debt, the Government propose to give help to those seeking to bring about the genocide of many nations and cultures including our own – effectively rewarding them.

This is because political correctness has created cowardly leaders whose fear of being branded racist has led to policies which are destroying our culture, society, laws, rights and freedoms.

Political correctness has to end and leaders too cowardly to stand up for Western values, must stand down.

Those who hate or threaten to destroy our culture, values and laws must leave or not come here to begin with.

Those who leave to join the ranks of such as Isis shouldn’t be allowed to return.

CT. Riley, Spennymoor

DOUG Porthouse is right to criticise the farce of letting violent criminals (Jihadis returning from Syria) jump the council house queue (HAS, Nov 4).

He is also right to say Winston Churchill, if he was alive now, would have been spitting feathers. Churchill would probably also have referred to his own definition of an appeaser: “One who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Ralph Musgrave, Durham