MY GRANDSON has recently moved to Sunderland to study at the university and last Saturday we went to meet his three fellow flat mates and they very kindly invited me to join them at the Stadium of Light to see Sunderland play Bristol City.

For many years I supported Darlington FC and over the years endured some pretty unmemorable football games. However, I can now understand why Sunderland AFC, a former Premier League club, is languishing near the bottom of the Championship.

They were one of the most poorly disciplined, badly organised, uncommitted group of professional players I have ever seen.

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The Stadium of Light was less than half full and whilst the faithful Sunderland fans tried their very best to encourage their team, their sense of despair at the effortless performance was palpable.

The booing off of their team after the 2-1 defeat was an expression of the fans’ feelings at the predictable outcome after the team’s lacklustre performances so far this season.

One disgruntled fan summed it up perfectly, when they sad: “They were b****y rubbish again!”

I don’t know who is to blame, but this was quite simply a very poor football team playing very poor football. League One here we come, here we come, here we come.

My grandson and his mates have now very kindly invited me to join them for a home game at Newcastle. As compensation I imagine.

N Smith, Northallerton