THE Office for National Statistics tells us that the population of the United Kingdom will rise by 3.6 million over the next 10 years and go on to hit 70 million in 2029.

In the meantime it is predicted that, between 2015 and 2040, population numbers in France and Germany will increase by 10 per cent and four per cent respectively, the population of the UK will grow by 16 per cent, mainly owing to immigration.

The prime justification for any government is that it looks after the governed. This seems to have been forgotten, with our rulers preferring to overcrowd our country in the interests of large employers who demand a low wage economy no matter the consequences.

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The problem is worst in England, where the population is projected to grow almost six per cent in the present decade. Civil unrest could well ensue.

We already have a housing crisis and, despite foreign workers, the NHS cannot cope with ever-increasing demands.

Our transport systems are overloaded and our air polluted.

We cannot accommodate increasing numbers if those already here are to enjoy a decent life.

Why don’t we learn from our Scandinavian neighbours, who manage to enjoy high living standards with population densities far, far less than our own?

Steve Kay, Redcar & Cleveland Councillor