Further to the Durham Teaching Assistants pay settlement Echo (28 Aug) ‘We are doing it for the children.’

One can agree with the Echo’s Comment column that the Durham Teaching Assistants (TAs) gained a lot of respect in their long, drawn-out battles with Durham County Council (Echo, Oct 28).

Life is very often about compromises and it was interesting to see a double page spread of the TAs still showing solidarity with the 472 of their number who will get a pay cut.

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Notwithstanding eloquent arguments from Durham County Council on such things like potential equal pay claims, at the end of the day, a Labour-led council found it had to cut the pay of its lowest paid employees.

Many will see that as hitting the most vulnerable in society, whereas most Labour councils said they want to protect the most vulnerable, especially in these austere times. Is this a compromise too far?

George Dunning, Ormesby