WE seem to be having our fair share of fun fairs in the Bishop Auckland area but if I feel like a ride on a switchback I simply drive my car along Rockingham Drive or into the Tindale Retail Park.

The so-called speed bumps/ramps are absolutely ludicrous and damage the average family car.

I’d very much like to see the council officials who authorised these monstrosities being obliged to have two or three installed on their own driveways.

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They are an absolute disgrace and damage suspensions. In the retail park, they are particularly nonsensical, with the one installed at the entry guaranteed to cause any amount of rear shunts.

Oh, and by the way, when they remove these horrors they could also dig up that ridiculous miniroundabout outside the Manor House Hotel in West Auckland – it’s a wonder someone hasn’t been killed there.

VJ Connor, Bishop Auckland