I WOULD like to express my disappointment over the reporting of the Prime Minister’s speech by Chris Lloyd (Echo, Oct 5).

Abandoning any pretence at objectivity he was positively gleeful that the PM’s speech had been marred by matters outside of her control.

Spiteful comments including “dribbling water on her chin” whilst trying to stop coughing and “dead woman spluttering” were clearly intended to be seen as clever but in reality smacked of the sort of hate comments we see every day from extreme left wing activists and ex Tory ministers desperate for revenge.

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I would have expected more from Chris Lloyd who I had previously respected for his serious informed articles. Would he have made the same comments had Jeremy Corbyn suffered the same mishap?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Descending to the gutter press level I am afraid Mr Lloyd.

John Crick, Bishop Auckland