I WONDER if Jeremy Corbyn remembers what happened to the UK economy in 2008, the last time the Labour Party was in power?

Many people lost money due to the banking crisis and the Tory/Lib Dem coalition had to make unpopular measures to turn our economy around.

The new Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable had warned about the collapse of our banking system and would appear to be the only politician who had any credibility, during this event.

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I agree with Vince, re having a mixed economy based on investment in new technologies. It would be obvious to even the average voter that the UK economy can’t afford to abolish student tuition fees, nationalise all of our utility companies and call in all of the PFIs in one sweep, however desirable it may appear.

Can we return to some sensible politics and budgeting, after all, we don’t want the International Money Fund (IMF), called in, again.

Ben Ord, Spennymoor