TWO letters (HAS, Sept 27) caused me some irritation.

Disabled Steve Lawson decided that an “elderly woman” could have been a “pseudo-Christian sanctimonious hypocrite”.

Why a Christian? Could she not have been Agnostic or a Secularist, or a non-religious believer of whatever persuasion?

But no, he had to take a cheap shot at Christians.

Then we have VJ Connor suggesting that we support law breaking just because he believes that laws to controls strikes introduced by a democratically elected government are bad.

Why not wait until the next general election and vote that party out of office? But wait, a majority of right minded citizens may think such a law is needed to control unions who think only of the “rights of the few, not the many” and keep Labour and Jeremy Corbyn out.

Try supporting democracy Mr Connor. For all its faults, I prefer it to the anarchy of the mob.

John Walker, Newton Aycliffe