EARLIER this month the Tees Valley Mayor sent out a press release listing some good things that have happened in the area during the 100 days since he took office.

The roll call of achievements included what he called “good progress” on his election pledge to take the airport into public ownership, as well as good news on jobs, good news on economic growth and good news on investment. 

The mayor’s handsomely-paid spin doctor clearly wanted readers to link all of this positivity with Ben Houchen himself and conclude that victory in May’s mayoral poll had heralded a new golden age for the area.

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The reality is that few politicians make much impact in five years let alone 100 days. Initial evidence would suggest that Mayor Houchen is an energetic fellow with some ambitious plans, but let’s be honest most of the good things he listed, such as jobs at the Quorn factory and a big contract for manufacturer ElringKlinger, would have happened anyway.

This type of ‘look what I’ve done’ rhetoric is part of a growing trend among politicians who continue in self-aggrandising, electioneering mode even when the election is over. Trump, Corbyn and Farage are masters at it.

Perhaps we should follow suit at the Echo and talk about the great things that have happened on our watch. Did you know, for example, that since we began publishing (on January 1, 1870) Britain has won two world wars, introduced universal healthcare, suffrage, invented television, the internet, AND Boro won the League Cup. Impressive eh?

The fact that the Echo had nowt to do with any of these achievements shouldn’t get in the way of us sharing with you some 'good news'.