THE looming centenary of the Russian Revolution, of October 1917, will be marked with a series of unique film screenings.

Tyneside Cinema and Durham University have combined their expertise to present What’s Left? A Century in Revolution.

The special programme of screenings and events examines the political uprisings of the 20th and 21st centuries, emphasising the global reach of these events.

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Although rooted in history, the programme focuses on the significance of enforced political power switch in today’s world.

It examines the revolutions in Russia and the former Soviet Union, but also in Latin America, China, North Africa and the Middle East, including events which have torn apart Syria in recent years.

But it is also described as, “an exploration of cinematic engagements with revolutionary movements.”

It revolves around a new film by the Russian artist collective Chto Delat? (What Is to Be Done?).

Titled The New Deadline #17 Summer School of Orientation in Zapatism, the film performs an imaginary transposition of the Zapatista movement from Mexico to Putin’s Russia.

Following its world premiere at the Tyneside Cinema it will go on tour to Paris and Mexico City.

The programme of film screenings at the niche Pilgrim Street cinema opens with October (1928), the silent classic produced to mark 10th anniversary of the October Revolution.

It will be introduced by Dušan Radunovi?, of Durham University’s School of Modern Languages and Cultures, and accompanied by a live piano score by John Snijders, a reader in performance at the university’s music department.

What’s Left? A Century in Revolution is curated by Úna Henry, on behalf of Tyneside Cinema, and the team of scholars from Durham University, led by Mr Radunovi?, including Andy Byford, Anoush Ehteshami, Abir Hamdar, Francisco-Hernández Adrián and Qing Cao.

The screenings are accompanied by director question and answer panel discussions with guest speakers, plus commentaries by members of the curatorial team.

It opens with Chto Delat?, in the cinema’s third floor Gallery, on Friday September 29, from 5 to 7pm and runs until October 8.

Further details are available from the cinema’s website, or from the box office, on 0191-227-5500.