WOMEN at a methodist chapel, inspired by recent incidents of guerrilla knitting, have picked up their needles to issue a timely reminder of Easter’s religious message.

Following the Cleveland Clicker’s colourful creations that graced Saltburn pier, it seems community groups across the region have latched on to the idea in their droves.

While the forthcoming London Olympics were uppermost in the thinking of whoever created the seaside scene, five members of North Cowton Methodist Chapel, in North Yorkshire, have a more ministerial message in mind.

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They have used their knowhow to recreate the characters from the Last Supper – the final meal Christians believe Christ shared with his disciples before his crucifixion.

Jesus sits in the centre of their display, dressed in white, surrounded by his disciples, with knitted bread and wine on the table in front of them.

Joan Collinson, from North Cowton Methodist Chapel, admits that the Saltburn textile extravaganza captured the imagination of her members.

She said: “I’ve known about the plan to knit the Last Supper characters for a while, but I did not have anyone to help me create the characters.

“I think the other stories about people knitting have helped get two or three more people interested.”

Mrs Collinson said members plan to follow the lead of the County Durham methodists and knit more biblical scenes.

Youngsters from nearby North and South Cowton Primary School visited the chapel to brush up their knowledge of the Easter story and admire the characters – Jesus and his 12 disciples, including Judas, the follower who betrayed him.

Artists have used the Last Supper as the inspiration for works of art for centuries, with Leonardo da Vinci’s mural among the best-known examples.

Wool-based versions are, admittedly, less heralded – although they do exist.

In 2009, The Northern Echo reported on scenes from 33 biblical stories, immortalised in knitted form, going on display at Blackhall Methodist Church, in County Durham.

The Last Supper was among the tales retold in wool, as was the Creation and David and Goliath.

􀁧 A table-top sale will be held at the chapel on Saturday, from 10am to 11.30pm. Admission is £1, which will include coffee or tea and an Easter bun. An Easter service will be held at 6pm on Sunday.