T BALL (HAS, Oct 2) in no uncertain terms described the 1970s as dreadful – but nothing could be further from the truth!

I recently walked from the dentists in Cockton Hill, Bishop Auckland, to the bottom of the high street and lost count of the number of empty premises once I got past 30, and if they took away the charity shops, betting shops, estate agents, hairdressers and pound shops there would be nothing left!

In the so-called dreadful 1970s, all of these buildings were occupied, and jobs were so plentiful that you could pack in your current job one day and start afresh the next!

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Also, every year pay rises were standard unlike today when a pay rise is a miracle. Today, there even jobs you can get that are not worth having due to zero hours contracts and low pay!

I was a lot better off and happier in the 1970s than now in this dreadful abomination of a country in the 21st Century?

BL Corrigan, Tow Law