AN armed police officer who was on duty during a pop concert in County Durham has been praised after reassuring a boy who was afraid "a bomb would go off".

Carolyn Storey was worried she was going to have to take her son Christopher home without seeing Little Mix because he was so scared as they arrived for a pop concert at the cricket stadium in Chester-le-Street.

But police officer Gavin Purdon saved the day after reassuring the eight-year-old, who is a pupil of Red Rose Primary School in the town.

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Mrs Storey, from Chester-le-Street, said: "Christopher was so upset but I pushed him to go because I don't want him to grow up being afraid and miss out on opportunities.

"I thought I would have to bring him home because he was so upset but I asked if one of the officers could have a word because he was nervous.

"He got down on the ground and chatted to him for ages and said he was there to protect us and there was nothing to be afraid of.

"He was amazing. As we walked away you could see straight away that Christopher had changed and was relaxed. It made a huge difference.

"We had a brilliant time."

Mrs Storey has now been in touch with PC Purdon to say thank you.

Officers from Chester-Le-Street neighbourhood team, special constabulary and the armed response unit attended the concert, which attracted more than 16,000 people, as a precautionary measure.