A MAN who “exploded” in anger after suspecting his partner had been having an affair carried out a serious prolonged assault on the woman, a court heard.

Otis Abraham Gordon, who had been drinking heavily into the early hours of the morning before his outburst, was jailed for a year, despite having expressed deep remorse.

Durham Crown Court heard he came home drunk after 2.30am on May 15, and demanded to look at text messages on his partner’s phone.

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Graeme Cook, prosecuting, said Gordon “exploded in rage” accusing her of sleeping with another man when he was away from home.

The 27-year-old, who lives near Darlington, punched her several times in the face and grabbed her round the throat, choking her, to the extent she had difficulty breathing.

Mr Cook told the court: “She said that she felt like the life was being drained from her.”

She also felt her arms stinging and looked up to see him thrashing her with his belt.

Mr Cook said she got out of bed and tried to flee the room but Gordon grabbed her on the landing and picked her up by the ankles – dangling her over the banister.

He then dropped her, causing her to land on her neck on the floor below.

She was able to get to her feet and ran from the house and sought refuge from the pursuing Gordon in another home nearby.

The victim was taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital suffering heavy bruising and swellings to her face, head, upper body and arms. She also had scarring from carpet burns to her upper back and neck, from the drop to the floor.

Gordon handed himself in at a police station and accepted causing the injuries, conceding that in drink he had “exploded” with rage thinking she had slept with another man.

He recalled striking her with his hands and his leather belt strap, as well as pushing her down the stairs.

Mr Cook said Gordon told police he was, “disgusted with himself” and sorry for what he had done.

The defendant, of Girsby and Over Dinsdale, near Darlington, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

Jane Waugh, mitigating, said it may have been good fortune, but the injuries were not as serious as they could have been, or often are, in such cases of domestic violence.

She repeated that the defendant handed himself in and was ashamed of his actions.

“He’s clearly aware he’s behaved in a terrible manner, but, given his history, it seems to have been something of an aberration.”

She handed character references to the court on his behalf, including testimonials from his father and from “distinguished” family friends.

Miss Waugh said he has sought help from an addictions team while in custody since the incident to try to curb his future drinking.

Jailing him, Judge Christopher Prince said it was a, “particularly unpleasant, frightening and sustained” assault, which could have easily ended with more serious injuries.