A DISABLED man says he is almost a prisoner in his own home due to parking problems connected with a housing development in his street.

The man in his 50s, who does not want to be named, relies on friends and relatives to pick him up outside his home on Alexander Street, off Haughton Road, Darlington, or to do jobs for him around the house.

The Home Group is building about 70 affordable homes on green land opposite his house, and he said contractors kept parking all along the street, leaving it difficult for him to be visited by carers.

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His parents – in their eighties – often have to drop him off and park streets away at Asda on Haughton Road.

He said two plots were supposed to be made into a staff car park as the build is ongoing, but that that hadn’t happened.

The resident, who has recently had four major operations, including the removal of his stomach, and is medically retired, said: “I ask them to move their vans and park somewhere else, and try to explain why, but they just shrug their shoulders.

“There are signs up asking them not to park there.

“It is every day. There isn’t any break from it. The whole street is up in arms.”

Thomas Rigby, Home Group delivery manager, said: “We’re building 66 homes off Alexander Street which will be available to local people in need of affordable rent.

“As part of the planning process the local council approved a Traffic Management Plan which we are complying with. The plan includes adequate parking for all operatives. We’re happy to talk with any residents who are experiencing problems.”

A Darlington Borough Council spokeswoman said: “The developer has provided some off street staff parking spaces for staff and contractors, which were required as part of the construction works, although, some vehicles do still park along Alexander Street.

“An enforcement officer has visited the area to review the situation and confirmed vehicles are not parking illegally and so cannot stop them parking there.

“There are double yellow lines on the corner of the street, stopping parking, however, no other parking restrictions are in place along the street, leaving parking open to any taxed vehicle.”

One of the managers was understood to be visiting the site today to discuss concerns with residents.