IT has been noticeable during the last few months that there has been a growing concern with the way in which the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is governing cricket. Notably:

  • The harsh treatment of Durham CCC despite their massive contribution to English cricket through its impressive coaching and recruitment.
  • Penalising clubs such as Yorkshire by not allowing them to play their best players in key matches for “rest” reasons.
  • Choosing an Irishman to captain England, which is like the Archbishop of Canterbury becoming the next Pope.
  • Introducing red and yellow cards for umpires. If that fails is the next step to have them armed.
  • Some of the rules introduced in grass roots cricket.

I umpired a game last Saturday when a young player took five wickets in his six over spell only to be told that he couldn’t bowl any more as he was 14 years old.

Obviously he was extremely disappointed as he was on the verge of a career best and a day to remember. It didn’t help that he was replaced by a 60-year-old who is allowed to bowl 12 overs.

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Surely the ECB should be subject to more scrutiny as soon they will become the Leyton Orient of cricket.

HB McLaren, Brancepeth