A NEW “bus gate” is being introduced to try and stop unauthorised vehicles from using a city centre road.

New signs are being put on North Road, Durham, to warn drivers about restrictions in place to limit the amount of traffic.

As part of recent resurfacing work, the road has been narrowed for around 5m to the south of the junction with Neville Street, which will be blocked to traffic except for buses and taxis.

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It follows complaints by public transport representatives, local councillors and people living nearby.

New signs will now be put up, which officials hope will make enforcement of current restrictions easier.

A report by Adrian White, head of transport and contract services at Durham County Council, says the existing restriction, which is meant to stop all motor vehicles except for buses and taxis using the road between 10am and 6am, is “commonly ignored and notoriously difficult to enforce”.

It adds: “This proposal will improve the clarity of signing with the introduction of a better observed sign (Buses and Taxis only) which in turn will improve the reliability of public transport services in the area whilst improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

“Enforcement of moving traffic offences is currently the responsibility of the police and in their experience the proposed restriction sign has much greater compliance.”

Cameras will not be installed at the bus gate.