I HAVE been accused of being too right wing to the extent that a couple of musicians have refused to work with me. I don’t think I am right wing, do you?

I’m proud of our heritage but I look to the future. I help support those less fortunate than myself if I can. I believe in equality but I believe in common sense also. If you can afford to pay more in tax and the money is used wisely on public services, you should pay. I believe in controlled immigration not a free for all.

I have met some of the nicest people in the world, many of them foreign, and some undesirables, many of them British.

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I fear many left-wing supporters live in a bubble. For them, it is time to wake up and smell those dandelions among the roses.

I dislike the terms left or right wing. In this so-called democratic society, to be demonised because you have different political beliefs is going back into the dark ages.

John (in the middle) Cumberland, Rushyford