A NORTH-EAST woman has scooped more than £12,000 playing bingo.

Edith Coulson, from Brandon, near Durham, is planning to buy some new carpets after winning £12,181.72.

The 79-year-old visits the Apollo Bingo Club in Durham most Saturdays with her sister.

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She said: “Everything happened so quickly, I looked up and the number I was waiting for was on the screen. I was so surprised, I hadn’t checked to see how much I was playing for – my sister was sitting with her mouth open. You could say it was a good afternoon.”

Mrs Coulson is also planning to update her wardrobe and treat her family with her winnings.

The club is planning a party to help Mrs Coulson celebrate on May 6.

General manager Eric Howell, said “We love celebrating big wins in our club.

“Our congratulations and well wishes go to the Edith.”